Interesting. One word that my mind could actually compute that matched today's events. Starting out as normal trailing my mark and then suddenly i catch wind that other brothers had fallen and i was the last. I'd run to the farm knowing that there would be fresh horses but i didn't manage to get there in time and the others had caught up to me easily causing me to turn and fire.

"Come any closer and I'll aim to kill" I'd shouted and the yellow sash who'd dodged my shot stepped forward

"We're not here to hurt you." he'd called

As it had turned out they had been telling the truth and I joined the ragtag band of them and found myself alongside my sparring partner. A small smile crept on to my lips knowing that my skill with the bow being matched with hers annoyed .

"We need somewhere to sleep" The leader said

"I know of a place near by" I'd voluteered and thus we came to the barn.

                                                             *                     *                     *      

Not much for one to sleep until the body required it I easily climbed the wreckage of the roof and perched myself on the apex. Though there wasnt much to look at out here of a night time though tonight was a clear night and the moon was full and large. I may be a killer but I only do it to assure myself of the good things in life. Staring at the full face of the moon I offered up prayers for my family and descended to join the others in their slumber, tomorrow would be another day and hopefully I'd be able to find out why I'd been targeted by my own brethren.

The End

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