Maenel: The Slaughtered House

I awoke to something strange - I couldn't place it, but something was off. Only after laying there, silent, was I able to determine what it was. Something was moving. Fast. I could hear the crackling of the hay as - whatever it was - moved around me. I lay still, focusing on the noise, and when I could place its exact location around me, I struck out with my corvo - a small, hook-bladed knife - and took it out. I flipped over, slammed my blade into the ground, and came up with - a rat. It had been running around, looking for food - probably about to bite me.

"Damn pea-brain," I cursed the rat and its stupidity as I got up, brushing the hay off of my clothes, and walked out to see what all the chatter was about at the entrance to the barn.

"We need to find some food as well," I heard Zell say, "It's probably best if we don't go back into town. Let's scout around the farms."

I approached them silently, taking the time to check my surroundings, and stood next to Caesaria, who was new among our group - I only knew her because we'd had some small run-ins in the past. She nodded to me in acknowledgement, and I returned the gesture.

Soon, everyone was awake and we were on our way, looking for food and a new place to stay. When we walked through Tieron's part of the village, I hardly bothered to look and see if he was watching me - I knew he would be - but, something still caused me to glance out of the corner of my eye. What I saw, I had only half-expected. Tieron's farmhouse was splattered with blood, and in the windows hung the heads of his entire family. Clearly, my secrets were catching up to me quickly.

The End

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