Zell: Waking Up

I woke up to the sound of low chatting outside. I am both worried and surprised that I'd slept through what undoubtedly must have been quite a long conversation, but I'm awake now and it makes me feel better that the others, bar Camalot and Ifrit, are still sleeping soundly. I guess running from assassin's, always on your guard, does that to you. Not that I'm complaining, I'm still alive after all.

Pushing myself up off the mangy hay I walked to the barn door, standing in the shadows and looking out of the small gap. I always like to be on the safe side.

So now we're running.” That was Camalot, I wondered who she was talking to. I didn't recognise the new girl. She looked young but serious, I guess she's from Black Sash Artemis's group as well. I expect that's the only assassin's we're going to have nice chatty conversations with anytime soon.

Deciding to get involved in their discussion I moved out into the open. It occurred to me we should find somewhere safer soon, this barn was way too easy to attack.

Ifrit looked up as I came out, I expect he knew I was there all along, he has good instincts. He gave me a little half smile which I attempted to return, I don't know how successful that endeavour was though as I was worried and still so tired.

Camalot turned as I walked over and introduced me to our new girl. “Caesaria, Zell. Zell, Caesaria.” She then carried on filling the girl in, I turned to scan the nearby area. Everything felt okay this morning. I wasn't taking that for granted though.

We should move.” I said to Ifrit. My stomache growled loudly as I spoke. “We need to find some food as well. It's probably best if we don't go back into town. Let's scout around the farms.” Ifrit nodded as did Camalot and Caesaria, having stopped their conversation to listen to me.

The End

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