Running around after a kill was a way for me to get my adrenaline down. It takes a lot of energy to kill someone with a whip, but that's never been a problem.

I happened to run past a barn where two other assasins were having a dagger fight. I slowed down and looked at them carefully as their fight stopped. I soon recognized them as people under the same leader as me. Walking carefully closer, I didn't want to startle them, as they would probably kill me on the spot.

"Ifrit? Camalot?" I called. They both whipped out their daggers toward me. I put my hands up in surrender. "It's ok, I'm in Leader Artemis's group too."

Camalot studied me. I pulled my mask off. A look of recognition flashed across her face. Ifrit put his dagger away. "Do you know what's going on in Leader Artemis's group?"

"Uh, assassinations as usual?" I shrugged. They both shook their heads.

"Everyone in Leader Artemis's group is supposed to be assassinated." Ifrit stated.

"Uh oh." I said.

The End

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