The Night

The night was long as I decided to take a night stroll. Nothing bad. I would return soon. No one would miss me.

I walked along a familiar trail I had thought I saw Ifrit take. I followed it and well it led me no where. I followed a different one and then decided to go off the trail.

"We need to find a place to sleep." I heard someone say. I peeped through the leaves in a tree I had climbed.

Bingo! I followed them to a cave like shelter. I saw them settle in and Ifrit took the enterence and stayed awake, but I lasted a bit longer than he did. I then flew from my tree to the ground and he instantly opened his eyes with his dagger in his hand.

I grinned a grin I knew would make him grin back and he did as I slipped my dagger into my hand.

"I'm here for a rematch," I said.

"Camalot," he sighed as he put his dagger up with his hand lingering by it. "Not now," he said just standing there. "I'm busy." was all he said.

"Not taking no for an answer." I said and flew to a tree and kicked off it and did a twirl and landed behind him. He just stood there. I then took my opertunity and went for him. His reflex's wern't as good as mine, but they were still sharp. I managed to nich his arm a little, but then he reached for dagger.

"I said not now," he ran to me and then stopped and made a sharp turn to matcch my steps. Clanking noises filled the air as I gave him everything I had. When I felt satisfied, I stopped. I had analized all his moves in our last little battle.

"Please Camalot." he said with his voice tinged with pain.

"Let me help you though. If not help you at least to keep you alive a little longer," I smiled a sincere smile as I put my dagger away in my pocket.

"No," he said as he ran for me, but I didn't move. I just let him throw me against the tree. I softened the throw with my hand as I heard a pop. I knew I had broken something, but it would heal though. "I don't need someone like you to tell me how to live my life. I don't need some pest to say that they'll help me. You don't know what I've been through. No one does."

"Your right," I simple said as I vrushed off his hand. "I probably don't." I kept my head down. "But I know what I've been through and I sure as hell know that that experience was some what similar to yours."

"You wouldn't know." he looked away, clutching his dagger.

"Right again. I don't," I said looking up at him. "And no one will ever know if you keep your stupid feelings bottled up inside. I know it's the way of an assassin to never make friends and to never show emotion, but sometimes rules are broken for your own good." I said glaring at Ifrit as he finally looked back. "I'm staying. I'm not gonna let you run off with some people. And I'm sure as hell not going to let you get yourself killed until I beat you in a battle." I grinned and sat by the cave resting my injured hand by me as Ifrit did the same.

He looked up at the stars and soon slept, but I didn't. In the past couple years, I hadn't made but a single friend, and I didn't regret it, even though I knew he did.

The End

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