Ifrit: We Need a Place to Rest

The last hours of dusk were already upon us. Though the musky, orange haze caused by the setting sun was beautiful to admire, it would be getting dark soon. I looked at the few assassin's Camalot and I had managed to rescue, one arrow is easy to break, but six tied together is rather difficult. I smiled to myself as the warmth spread through my body, a feeling of relief or joy.

"We have to find a place to sleep; does anyone know of any place around here?" I openly asked.

Rasven turned to me with emotionless eyes and nodded. "There's a barn not too far from here. We could sleep there and find out what to do in the morning."

I nod, "that will be a great place to rest. Can you lead us?"

"Yeah, follow me."

The grass underneath Rasven started crackling as he took quick steps across the tall, uncut grass, going toward the barn. I immediately followed and the rest of our group followed suit. Together we walked, following Rasven to the barn he has spoken of. When finally we got there it looked dilapidated and misshapen, but it was shelter, and I was glad.

We were fairly silent as we all went to sleep. I'd assume it was because of what we all learnt that day. After all, it's scary thinking that some of the top assassins in the world could be trying to kill you. I know I was scared. And before I went to sleep, I just kept on replaying that one scene in my head. I could hardly believe that Leader Young almost killed me.

The End

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