Zell: Rasven

We'd decided to hunt out Rasven after that, another newish member, albeit a good one. I'd heard of his skill with the bow, even if I hadn't met him, he'd been due for a raise in the ranks before all this.

We made our way swiftly to the farm, dodging quickly along the streets. I could feel a slight prickling at the back of my neck, like someone was watching me, but I ignored it, I'd been over sensitive all night and the others would've picked up on anything out of the ordinary. At least I'd hope so, I'm only a white after all, if I'm noticing something and they're not then there's something wrong.

I saw the figure of Rasven just before he shot, I flinched away out of habit but it wasn't aimed at me. It came closest to Maenel who dodged pretty swiftly. I guess he knew we'd be shot at as well.

Ifrit startled me by saying loudly: “We're not here to harm you.” I wondered rather dreamily if Rasven was slightly deaf. My tired brain made that thought funny. Thankfully I didn't make a fool of myself by laughing.

“Then why are you here? Try anything funny and I will aim to kill.” I didn't doubt his words, even if he was a white.

Everyone a part of the Black Sash Artemis' group is being targeted to kill. You're one.” Stated Camalot, beside her Ebony nodded.

I saw Rasven lower his bow and let myself relax a bit, he'd lost the killer edge to his façade. “Are you being serious?”

We all nodded. Quiet now that we'd said our part. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realised that the little prickling feeling had gone. I guess that's because of the saying 'safety in numbers'.

The End

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