Gieria: Pained

I can't believe not one of them had heard me yet. One Red, One Blue, Two whites and a Yellow. I shook my head and sighed. Well, I didn't actually sigh but I mentally did. My shot was clear and my aim perfect but... I couldn't do it. My arms wouldn't pull back the string to finished the task.

I felt a pain within in me. Guilt? I don't know but it seem unright to murder Ifrit. I watched them talked and knew the last person they'd visit would be Rasven. I knew him. He had skill with a bow that matched mine I remember that time I met with him. He didn't know who I was only he had to beat me. He didn't of corse. Every shot he took drew with mine. Pissed me off I must admit. He always planned his movement every step he took. That may be why he still needs to train. I wouldn't question his skill with a bow though. I find myself having sat down in thought the group of runnners almost out of sight.

This time I sighed aloud and jumped the ledge to follow them through the alley ways.  They wouldn't take the roof route here. Not if they were smart. The Yellow could probably deal with the lack of shadows, maybe the red and blue but white's... I highly doubt it. Even I avoid the roof around this area.

I followed light footed and we came to a farm where I saw Rasven drawing back his bow. He span and shot at the yellow who dodged it just in time. That was a warning shot. Rasven never missed a target even a moving one. I knew that cause I never did.

"We're not here to halm you" Ifrit said clearly his voice slightly louder than he should speak in his position.

"Then why are you here? Try anything funny and I will aim to kill" Rasven replied calmly. I could tell he was thinking everything through. Looking for escape routes. Weaknesses in their movement.

"Everyone apart of the Black Sash Artemis's group is being targeted to kill. You're one"

Rasven stood lowering his bow. "Are you being serious?" he asked. They all nodded. I was bored. I could find them out tommorow. It be easy to. I turned and left going back to my house or room.

The End

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