Zell: The Rescue

So we'd discussed it, after the brief introductions and decided to find the others. I didn't see how we could but creeping back onto those roofs, looking round for any sign of a fight, it started getting easier. We found a trail. Throwing knives and shorter, needle-like spikes littered the ground. We heard footsteps and then we were after them.

It was a fast and furious chase but the tracker didn't get far. Ifrit caught the man in the side of his head with the hilt of his dagger. I briefly wondered why he hadn't killed him outright, surely that would be the better plan?

“It's okay Ebony.” So. We know this girl. She's evidently one of us. “We're not here to kill you. We're also from Black Sash Artemis's group.” She relaxes slightly but still looks clued out.

What's going on?” She asks, lowering her arms from their protective position.

We're being hunted.” I said, as ever straight to the point. “We'd better find the others.”

"Wait a sec." Ifrit says. "I want to question our man down there." The 'why' from earlier answers itself. He jumps off the roof lightly and we follow. When we find the body we're disappointed, however, as he's already broken his neck in the fall. Ifrit cursed up a short storm and Camalot tried not to look at the broken man. Perhaps she'd known him, I wondered.

Knowing the others are spellbound by the body and Ifrit's still mad I turn around, bringing their attention back. "We should go. Now." Time is already slipping away. The others agree and we head off. Ifrit comes up to walk beside me, leaving the girls to catch each other up. It looks like he doesn't like talking much either.

I send a sort of half smile, half grimace sideways at him, knowing that we won't be able to help many of the others. People that would have become my friends, or perhaps enemies, people these companions of mine might have known very well. I just hoped that we would get out of it okay, we had the brotherhood against us. In this city that's one thing that's guaranteed to get you killed.

I know where to find Maenel.” Camalot piped up from behind us.

Strange thing is, when we got to him, he already knew. After the short conversation Ifrit comes out with: “Well, then you should know why we're here.” And I think: 'Yeah so we can all get killed together.' But I must admit, I feel a lot safer around... can I call these people friends?

The End

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