It's a good thing the moon was behind me otherwise I never would've seen him. Seeing the shadow, I turn and stand up. There standing in front of me was a man in black. He has two daggers in his hand and takes a step toward me.

"Be prepared to die little one." he says in a deep voice. Thinking fast, I slowly move my hand behind my back. There, inside a pouch, are little spikes I throw when I can't risk losing my better knives. When  he strikes I strike back. He barely misses me with one of the daggers and I don't wait to see if I hit him. I turn and jump to the next rooftop and I keep running. I don't dare turn to see how close he and even if I can't hear him I know he's following me.

Just then I hear him grunt and there is a thud of someone dropping. Cautiously I stop running and turn. There, coming toward me, are three figures. I feel my heart beat a little faster and I pull out my knives.

"It's okay Ebony." one of them says. The voice is female. They stop a few feet in front of me and I can finally make out who they are. "We're not here to kill you. We're also from Black Sash Artemis's group." I recongize all three but I can only name two. Ifrit and Camalot.

"What's going on?" I ask, slowly lowering my arms.

"We're being hunted." 

The End

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