Zell: The Chase

I make my way back over the rooftops, still smiling a bit from the kill. Then I widen my eyes and try to appear nonchalant. I have a tracker, apparently, even though I've only had one target from this 'brotherhood' they want me out. I know a bad situation when I see one.

Appearing at “The Blacksmith's Daughter” for a well earned drink is now out of my top priorities list. I swear mentally and change my direction slowly, making my way to the closest wall, it's broken down all over the place but at least if I'm out of the city they will have to either give up or send more organized search parties. That's if I make it out, anyway.

Tensing at a sudden movement behind me, closer than I'd thought I dropped to the ground and rolled, wincing as my sword hilt dug into my hip. An arrow whistled past and I jumped to my feet, already running.

I swerved around, helplessly trying to avoid the bowman – or woman, as it might be. I thanked the god of trickery that I was fit and healthy, that I'd travelled light for my job and that I knew my way around. I choose to jump down to the ground instead of using the slow method of rooftop hopping. I swore out loud as I landed heavier than I'd anticipated. Then, without pausing for any more breath I ran.

I don't know for quite how long I kept going but I'd lost my tracker some miles off and was now wandering aimlessly around in a grove of trees. If I was more inclined to think about my predicament I would have realised this was a bad idea, but as it was I wasn't and I didn't. It was only then that I realised any good bowman would have got me, even if I was dodging like hell. So why was I still alive?

I was stopped in my musings by a female voice coming from above me, immediately I tensed.

“You're Zell, right?”

Then a man's voice joined in.

“We're part of Black Sash Artemis' group as well. We're being hunted, you'd better get up here.”

A little voice in my head said that I couldn't trust anyone from the 'brotherhood' now but I needed to know what was going on. There was only two of them, right? 'And what use is a sword when you're sitting in a tree' said my tired mind irritably, I ignored it and climbed up to meet them.

The End

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