Gieria: Cleansing

Why had Young summonded me? It can't be good with that look on his face. I walk to stand in front of Young and nod curtly. "Why isn't Ifrit dead?" he snaps striking at me. I dodge use to his violent swings of anger.

"Why do you want him dead?" I counteract.

"Its time for a clense, Gieria. You know this. Its not like you haven't helped me with one before" Young says with a smile.

"You said... No, promised you wouldn't do that again unless there was a reason" I reply my teeth clenched.

"There is. Ifrit is searching for a man that cannot be killed. He's not unkillable. His death would just stir a major inbalance" Young says sitting down in his 'throne'. God, he was so vein.

"Who may this be, sir?"

"That is non of your consern. He has two identies and his muderious one must be kept secret if we are to protect his life. Look Gieria, you're one of the best assassin we have. Despite not having the black belt. You've always refused it and I don't understand why-"

"I want to earn it sir" I reply.

"Yes, yes, whatever. You see I need you to do this for me no questions" I don't reply but lower my head. "That's my girl. Now, you may leave"

I turn and leave with no interuptions. What am I going to do? I can't do this. Not again.

The End

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