Ifrit: Returning for Another Mission

I go to one of the many hideouts scattered across the countryside and through the cities. This is one of the most important, it is where most missions are given. I walk through the door and straight to Leader Young. Despite his name, he was not young, but rather old. Though one would expect that only an elder person could singlehandedly rule The Brotherhood entirely.

"What are you still doing alive?"

The question shocks me, and curiousity picks up. "I'm sorry? I'm alive because my kills are not that hard."

"Hmm, obviously my own people are incompetetent. But, since I'll be killing you in a few seconds," as he says this assassin guards block every doorway. "I might as well tell you what's going on. We're doing a cleansing, you see, clearing our ranks of riff-raff in order to allow room for more... suitable assassins. And so, everyone from Black Sash Artemis' group will die."

My eyes widen. "That's a substantiate amount of people. With three green sash per every black sash, and three yellow sash for every green sash, and-"

"Yes, I quite understand the math of how it will work. But, it's been like this for years. You've never once complained about killing another assassin, you were just doing my dirty work." Young smiled.

I, however, gritted my teeth in anger. "So, you're telling me, a little under 3,500 people are going to die because you feel like it?"

"Yes, now I guess I should kill you."

Then, the assassin guards from the door stood there as Leader Young pulled out his specially made sword. He then went to attack me and I blocked with my dagger. Then, I hear struggling behind me and the yell of a woman. I turned back to see Camalot fighting with both of the guards. I decide to help her, knowing I can never beat Leader Young on my own. So, I run and slash across one of the guards back. He screams in pain and attempts a strike, to which I dodge. Then, I grab Camalot's hand and together we run out of the hideout and into the night. After running a good 5 km we jump into a large tree and try to sleep in the boughs and branches.

"I can't believe he tried to kill you. What did you do, insult him?"

"No, he's clearing Black Sash Artemis' group."

"What?! I'm part of Black Sash Artemis' group!"

"Yeah, I know, we all know each other because we are all given a letter each time someone is recruited or gains a rank. Among others, the people in Black Sash Artemis' group are Ebony, Zell, Maenel, and Rasven."

"Why is he doing it?"

"To allow for more recruits. He does it all the time apparently. Remember our missions to hunt down and kill other assassins?"


"That was what we were doing."

Then, she shudders and tears start streaming down. I also cry a small bit, I never believed this could happen. Not now, not ever. Then, I noticed something queer.

"Why didn't he chase us? And why did he tell me his entire plan?"

"Who knows?"

"Hmm, well, let's just try to get some sleep."

And so we tried, we really tried to get some sleep but what we knew now would change our lives.

The End

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