Zell: First Target

I looked at the white sash they'd given me and smiled bitterly, thinking of my initiation: The men and women in long robes, cowls that shadowed their faces, the leaders, assassins. They'd preached rules and regulations but underneath it all they were cruel and harsh. That is just what I need, a future just as bitter as my past, I can't lose, I must keep going, get stronger.

My name is Zell. It's a dark name, for that's what it means in Amerynth, the southern language. Trust me dark is just what I'm going to be. Because that man destroyed my home, my friends. Because my lover is dead. Because I'm an assassin now.

I'm surprised they gave me a target so soon but I guess they have to test me. I don't know why I have to kill her, nor if I should, but I have no morals, not anymore. Those days are lost. All I know is that my targets name is Marie Victor and she is dead. No target survives me.

I shrug on my worn, brown jacket, tie the green twine and pick up my sword. Not the best weapon for this kinda of work but at least I know how to use it. Perhaps I'll get something else later.

I should have second thoughts about this, my parents taught me that killing was wrong, but they are dead and I'm still alive. Blood has to run for that. Trust me.

I smile as I walk out the door and into the night. Whoever thought the shy, carefree L'fai Amare would become this bloodthirsty monster? Not me.

The End

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