Ifrit: Sparring.

I smile quickly. A Blue Sash, challenging me? I laughed in my head, then I pulled out my dagger, and she, her's.

I hold the dagger and run at her, she tries to block but I jump over her and turn around, cutting superficially across her back. She winces and turns around, then she strikes at me but I catch her arm, I smile. But then, she does as well as she drops her dagger, catches it with her other hand and cuts me across my waist. I wince and lift up my foot as I kick her in the stomach, she falls backwards and flies about 10 feet. Then, I throw my dagger at her she manages to block it, but while she was doing that I had already jumped and was about to land on her. She rolled over, leaving me landing on the cold, hard ground. Then, she threw my dagger back at me. And I grabbed it.

"Come on, is that it?" She laughs, "you'll never defeat Matt Shadow like that."

And that set me off. I start to see red, and my blood boils. I run at her, I jump and grab her arm. Then I go behind her and twist her arm, I take out the dagger and wrap both my legs around her waist as I kick her down onto her knees. Now, she is on the ground, with me atop her, holding both our daggers with one pointed at her throat and the other at her stomach.

"I will gut him." I whisper into her ear. I hear her whimper out of fright, fright of what I may have become. "He will suffer and cry out for mercy, but none will come. You have no idea what I am capable of."

At that, I drop her dagger and put mine away, then I walk away. But then, she follows me.

"Hey, hey! What was that all about?"

I stop, "you know exactly what that was about."

"Ifrit, I want to help you, will you let me?"

I look away from her and down towards the ground. "No, I'm strong enough without you."

"Come on, Ifrit, I know you're strong enough physically. But what about emotionally. What will happen after you kill Matt Shadow?"

I turn to her and smile. "I will die."

And with that I walk away again.

The End

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