Talking is Just Not His Thing

I ran off, not knowing what had just happened, but I had to find Ifrit. Wandering if he knew anything about it, i crept into a different village to see if he was there. I found him, again, laying on a roof.

"Hey again," I said quickly pulling out the arrows in my arm. Tossing them to the ground. "Did you know what that was about?"

"Why are you here?" he said turning his head. " I didn't ask you to come here, let alone follow me," he said getting up and walking off.

"Well, sheesh. No need to be a pain about this." I said following a couple steps behind him.

"I'm not being a 'pain' about this. I just don't like talking to people." he said picking up the pace.

"Well," I pressed my luck. "Where are you going?"

"Look," he spun around. "What happened tonight was none of your business." he said looking me in the eye. "I didn't ask you to save me. You could have just let that arrow hit me," he said straight out.

"Well, if I did, you wouldn't have been able to be here right?" I said looking at him. "And besides. You use a dagger right? I wanna see how good you red belts really are," I smiled.

He rolled his eyes, but pulled out his weapon as did I, but he didn't have a smile on his face. He needs to lighten up. I thought as we went for each other. Right then and there.

The End

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