Why the hell? I watched the girl. She was a blue sash but damn. Seira slaughted over to me an annoyed look on her face. She shoved my green sash and bow into my hand. "That is the last time I do a favor for you. You didn't tell me that I'd get into a fight with a blue sash"

I shrugged and Seira saughted off. "Hey, cousin" I call. She looks back. "Hows aunt?"

"She doesn't remember if thats what you're asking" Seira snaps then jumps off the two storey building landing on her feet. She stalks off through the night and I sigh going off in search of my arrows Seira wasted so shamelessly. I find them without any disturbance and head home. Why was that girl so defensive?

She obviously knew Seira was following her. Clumsy Seira I thought I had helped her fix those heavy feet. Although, that girls hearing was powerful. I would have to go to the height of my skill in following.

I slump onto my bead once I reach the small room cut off from the world except for the window which I had a key for. The only key may I add. The lock was doubled up as well.

I fell easily to sleep knowing I had not been seen. Even though Seira had.

The End

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