The Raid

We headed into this bar place and I had a beer. I didn't like it, but it kept me up. Sure, I had lots of skills. I was good at examining my surroundings and had lightening fast reflexes. Almost no one could sneak up on me, well, that's what I thought anyways.

I glanced over at the bar. No one was there except some girl, and by the looks of her, she was an assassin. I glanced over at the bar tender who was having a nice conversation with the girl. He was smiling, but he looked to be at least 31. I walked over to the bar tender and smiled.

"Heya," I said cooly. "Wanna pass me a beer? I'm thirsty. No ice please," when he turned his back to me I quickly gave the girl a glance. Well what do you know. Another sister from the 'hood'. I smiled inside and looked away.

The bar tender came back with my drink and I chugged it. I was curious as to what she had in store. Knowing Ifrit's status, I knew she was after him. "Come on Ifrit. Let's go," I said smiling.

"Yeah, it's getting dark. Let's head back." he got up from his chair, not bothering to push in his chair.

"Let's take a different route home today. I feel like climbing some houses." he just nodded. We jumped onto the roofs and landed lightly on top.

I knew she was a pretty good. It was just written all over her face. I glanced back, but I didn't see her anywhere. I guess she was in the shadows since that was the only place where I couldn't see. Then, as quick as I had turned around I saw the arrow from the corner of my eye.

I extended my arm and let the arrow hit me. Luckily it wasn't poisoned with anything. Ifrit took in what was happening and as soon as the arrow hit my arm, he ran.

Knowing how those people who lurked in the shadows I knew where the obvious hiding places were. Abviously in the shadows, so with my lightening speed, I ran into her trap. Right into the dark.

She was lurking in the sarkest parts and I couldn't hear her, even with my keen ears, so I took a couple blows. One was to the arm and another to the leg, but right as the arrow hit my leg, I traced it back to where it came from, but she was one step faster, she had moved but with my extended leg, I felt her brush by. I felt a couple more arrows fly from her bow and they barley missed my head.

Before I could let anything else happen to me, I quietly jumped back on the roof into the light and ran off not loking back to the shadows in which I had just had a little battle in. I smiled, letting all the adrenaline fade out of my system. Ah, the days when I was wanted by almost every royal family. Feels nice to be part of this... 'job'.

The End

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