I notched my arrow and stared at my target. Such a beauty to behold by the eye was my weapon but the human race. This man though.... I had been given an order but no reason. I lowered my aim for a moment. I tilted my head and watched him. Then I saw the flash of a red sash. I gasped. He immediatly tucked it away cursing probably at his clumsy mistake. The girl at his side wack his arm to.

Why? Why had I been told to assassinate another of the brotherhood? I hadn't questioned the order for the one reason I was given it by Leader Young himself. Why would he want this one dead?

I had been told to murder one of my own before but I everyone had knew he was a traitor. I had been the only assassin skilled enough to kill him, another green belt. I pulled a thread out and stared at the emerald glint. I hid it back beneath my shirt and hid my bow on my back. Then slipping down the ladder I decided to follow this guy. They wouldn't notice me. He was a red belt, I was green. And my talent was shadow stalking, where I blended to my surrounding so much I was almost like a shadow.

My target and the girl entered a pub and a well known hide out for the brotherhood. Of course, only the brotherhood knew that or we'd be dead by now.

"Ifrit..." the girl snapped and gestured over to a corner table. Me, I went up to the bar and took my seat.

"Beer" I said gruffly.

The End

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