Ifrit: My Past.

Camalot and I talked through the night, just about things. Then, our conversation drifted to why I joined.

"Why did you join anyways?"

"I'd prefer not to talk about it."

"Well, I'd prefer that you do, come on, speak!"

I growl but consede. "When I was seven, my parents were murdered by a bloodthirsty man, Matt Shadow.

"I'm sure you know the stories. Tortured bodies, faces locked in agony. My parents were just a game to him. He came in, and I hid under the couch in the living room. And he caught my parents, and tied them up. Then, he took out his knife, and carved them up. My father first, so that my mother could watch.

"It was sick, twisted. I watched in silent terror as he mutilated the bodies of my mother and father. And it was that day that I swore I would kill him."

Camalot puts her hand on my shoulder, in an attempt to console me.

"When I joined The Brotherhood, I asked if Matt Shadow was still alive. They said yes, they hadn't found him. And, I made Leader Young swear a blood pact with me that when they found him, it would be me to kill him.

"Anyways, it's getting dark, I'll just burn the body and we can go back to The Brotherhood."

And so, I jumped down from the roof, doing a roll as I hit the ground. And then I walked to where the body was, and then I took out a match and lit it, then I threw it onto his silk clothing. He went up like a light.

The End

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