Sure, you might think that the name 'The Brotherhood' is only for guys, but they have a special branch for us ladies. It is very similar to the one all the gentlemen have, but it's different. Every assassin knows that there are more than one way to kill off a wanted person. We know how to make the death painful and dragged out, but I preferr a quick death with no pain at all.

Camalot was my code name, but my name was Carmon. Rarely anyone knew that it was my name because I came from a very small royal family that was miles away from any big village.

I glanced to look at the dead body laying on the ground. It was sad to see dead people, but then again, it was one way to keep everything in order.

Only a couple houses away, I saw a familiar figure laying on a roof. I smiled as I planned out my next 'kill'. I quickly jumped off the other side of the roof and walked along the wall. It was fairl quiet, so I knew no one would see me.

I quickly jumped off some crates and spun myself around the pole. I gently landed on it and  bounced off of it. My dagger instantly flew into my hands and I jumped just inches from his head.

"You should really keep yourself hidden. Especially after that kill. Shouldn't you get rid of that body? It'll start to rot in a couple of hours in this sun." I saw him smile and I knew what he was going to say.

"You didn't get me," he said as he moved the dagger away from his throat. "I can let the comotion start and then at night, I'll just burn it. It's no big deal," the man said.

"You're no fun, Ifrit," I complained. I sat down by him as he just laid there. "How can you be so carefree when this stupid government in this stupid village is getting out of hand!"

"Easy," he said and smirked, "I just dont think about it.

"Yeah," I puffed. "Easy."

The End

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