Assassin's Betrayal

A group of assassins, stone cold, bloodthirsty killers, have found out a dark secret about their leaders. A secret that can get them killed. Join in on this story of danger, death, betrayal. And find out the fate of the assassins.

I run along the rooftops, jumping over the gaps, my cape and my red sash flutter in the breeze. My hood is down and my clothing sticks to my skin. The dagger that is held upon my belt is sharp, deadly. I am an assassin. My code name is Ifrit.

Suddenly, I see my target, a corrupt government official who has been holding a bit too many meetings at the whorehouse. He must be stopped, and it is up to me to destroy him. I jump down from the rooftops into a dark alley and I put up my hood. I take my steps toward him and I hold out my left hand. He unknowingly grabs it and shakes it, and then I reach down and grab my dagger with my right hand, and with it I stab him.

Blood spurts out of his chest as he falls back, and then his guards pull their swords upon me. I put my dagger away and begin running. Then, I see a path to the roof, and I run up it. Then, I run across the roofs, effectively losing my chase.

Exhausted, I stop and lie down on my back. And while staring at the sky, I relive that beautiful kill in my head, over and over again.

The End

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