Create the backstory for an assassin/hitman.

A writing prompt taken from /r/WritingPrompts. I modified it slightly so that it wouldn't have a word cap. Basically, conjure up the backstory to an assassin, hitman or contract killer. Anything that falls under that category. Make it any way you want. And in a reasonable length.

This would be my attempt for the writing prompt. Hope to see yours added on here too. 

A man walked down the alleyway. He was humming an old sailor’s tune. A hooded figure bumped in to him causing him to stop humming.

                “Hey, watch it!”

The figure kept walking along. The man grabbed the figure and spun them around.

                “Apologize, when you bump in to someone.”

The man stared at the hooded figure’s eyes. They were lilac and burned with defiance. The figure pushed the man back and figure whipped out a knife. She proceeded to threating point it at the man. Her hand shook ever so often. The figure quickly stabilized her hand in attempts to hide her inexperience.

                “How ‘bout no,” the figure analyzed the man. It didn’t look like he had much on him. However, what little he does have would definitely help. “Now, give me your money.”

If the man was shocked, his face didn’t register it. He quickly knocked the knife away from the figure and slammed her in to the wall.

                “Rule number one: Never use a weapon you are not familiar with. Weren’t you taught that,” the man asked. “Now let’s see what’s under that hood.”

The man took off the figure’s hood, exposing the face of a girl. Her black hair cascaded down past her shoulders. Her facial structure was round and soft. She looked young. The man’s eyes widen in surprise.

                “A lass? Tsk, how old are you?”

The girl gritted her teeth and stared back harshly at the man.

                “Answer me, before I lose my temper.”


                “The name’s Isaac.”


Isaac let go of Wren and backed up. He studied her further for any sudden movements. Wren was still. Sensing that Wren didn’t have any more intentions to attack him, Isaac eased up.

                “You got decent knife skills, definitely need some more work.”

Wren straightened up and went to pick up her knife. Isaac studied Wren’s clothing. And judging from the dirt on her clothing, he would have to guess she was on the streets for a while.

                “Where are your parents,” Isaac asked.

                “Dead. Burnt to death from a fire, commanded by the royal family.”

Wren balled her hands up into a fist. Her eyes darkened with anger. A thought flew in to Isaac’s mind. The potential Wren had was astonishing. Isaac knew he had found a new student. 

                “Do you want avenge your family?”

Wren scoffed. “And how do you suppose I do that?”

                “I can teach you how to properly wield a knife,” a smile grew on Isaac’s face. ”More importantly, I can teach you how to kill. Got a target?”

For the first time, after the death of her family, Wren smiled. “My best friend, the Princess,”


The End

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