Adam : Lorna

The cold of the steel as it pressed against my neck caused an involuntary shiver. She had moved with a grace that hid the deadly skill in her movements.

I hadn't realised I had silently approached her, but then, I suppose I do it with out thinking. Instinctual.

In the few seconds that passed, between being pinned to the column and now, I'd seen enough to know I wasn't in any true danger, not from her, not right now. I pride myself on reading people, and I am a pretty good judge of character. In her eyes, I could see a killer, but not a murderer.

“If you're going to do it.....”
I almost imperceptibility push forward against her arm across my chest. The steel of the blade doesn't move in her hand, as I press onto it. The sharpness of the edge, means I don't feel anything bar a slight pinching sensation as it starts to cut into my neck.

For a second that lasts an hour, in one of those crazy ways, our eyes are locked. Then I see her face soften, and the pressure of the blade against my neck eases. Thankfully. I would hate to play Lorna in poker....

“The next time you feel me put a blade to your skin, it will be the last sensation you feel. Am I clear?

I've looked at death, in many forms. Warlords on the African continent. Tribesmen in Indonesian jungles. Mobsters, of different nationalities. La Cosa Nostra, Yakuza, Russian Mafia, terrorist groups of every kind. The closest I've ever been to death though, was the drugged up 13 year old with his AK47 in Somalia.
Looking at Lorna's eyes, I know that she is a lady of her word. I make a mental note to walk louder around her next time.

“...clear as crystal hun. YOU, have a problem though...”
“Oh? Enlighten me. And, you can start with your name, or are we just to refer to you as 'him'?”
“Adam. My name is Adam. Or at least, that's what I've been calling myself for as long as I care to remember.”
“Ok then, Adam, you say I have a problem? Again, enlighten me if you will..”
“The boy with the dead eyes, Henry?, he's your problem. I've met people like him before. Only a couple of time's thankfully. But, if I were you, I'd lock my door when you sleep at night. Or, ask your fella Jared to sleep with one eye open.”

I catch an almost invisible blush on her cheeks, and being so close, see her pupils dilate.

The End

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