I walked into the 'Academy' that I had heard so much about from my mentor. He had told me that as a killer, I was an expert. It was just my attitude that needed to be adjusted. Growing up in an orphanage, you soon learned that to survive, you had to build a thick wall around yourself, and never let anyone in. Trust can only cause you harm.

The young man walking towards me had all the confidence and appearance of a cold blooded killer, that was a fact. What was out of place were the red welts on his face, which looked very fresh.

As soon as he saw me, he broke into a smile that didn'tt reach to his eyes. To most people, he would appear charming and ready to help. To me, he made my skin crawl. It was like being looked at as possible food by a snake.

“Hello. You must be new, and you are?...”

“Like you said, I'm new....Who is in charge here?”
I'd never been one for polite chit chat.

His smile faded like mist in sunlight. The bright green eyes seemed to darken instantly.

“If you follow me, we are just coming back from lunch.”
He didn't wait to see if I followed, just walked ahead of me. I picked up my duffel bag, and followed old snake eyes at a safe distance to a room that already had people in it.
All eyes turned to look at me, like a new attraction in the zoo. Yep, this was feeling just great...

A stunningly pretty woman, who I took to be in charge, looked me up and down.
I'd always known that first impressions count as they say, so my appearance had been thought through enough to be disarming. I wanted to be instantly forgettable, a 'Mr Nobody'. Average height, average clothes, average looks, average hair. Few people knew my full history. How I joined the army aged 17, after living on the streets for a year. Within a year I was in my first combat, and realised that killing held no worries for me. Being a loner, I didn't make friends, but someone somewhere decided I was just right for becoming a 'black ops' operative. By age 22, I was a trained killer. Weapons, martial arts, you name it, I could do it. When I left the military, becoming a paid killer seemed the natural choice.
But, like I said, my mentor and benefactor thought my attitude needed work so here I am.

“Hi, I'm Lorna, and you are?”

“Late, so it would appear. I wasn't told to be here by any specific time.”

I picked upon her subtle change of attitude towards me. In the background, I hear mumbles coming from the 2 stood just to the side of old snake eyes. Another couple of kids, the girl in hot-pants and a boy looking like he would love to just have a scrap.

“Ok then. You missed this mornings little lesson, lets bring you up to speed, shall we?”
As she spoke, Lorna pulled her hair into a tight ponytail as she started to walk towards me. It was pretty obvious that her intention was to take the arrogant newcomer down a peg.

Her fist flashed out quicker than a striking snake. It hit air, where my head had been a heartbeat before. In seconds, kicks, elbows, knees, punches, all were dodged and parried. Just as I was starting to have fun, she stopped, a little breathless, looking both rather annoyed and also impressed.
“You are allowed to hit back, you know...”
A shrug of my shoulders, and a cock of my head cheekily to the side..
“But, why would I want to hit you, when you're not hitting me? Besides, I don't hit women, no matter how much they like it..”

The End

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