Well, well. The training he was receiving from this academy was certainly enjoyable. It had been a shame that one of the assassins in charge had taken away Phyllon - fights were always more fun with a dagger - but he was having a great time with the open combat. Even when hit, he couldn't stop himself from smiling: he was growing in strength and he could feel it. There would be a day, he told himself - still while fighting, when power would course through his muscles even when he was resting and the defeat of an opponent would be effortless.

Too soon, a bell rang to signal lunchtime. He followed the other apprentices into a small cafeteria and picked up a single slice of pizza. He took it to a table away from the other people and started to eat.

The woman Lorna approoached him and laid Phyllon on the table in front of him.

"I'll tell you when the combats involve knives," she told him sternly.

He nodded. "Okay," he said peaceably. Maybe he'd find other opportunities to use her. Practice made perfect and he certainly didn't intend to be out of practice for the entirety of his stay here.


As he left the cafeteria, he passed Jay and Kana who glanced at him warily before returning to their conversation. He enjoyed the taste of fear in the air, savouring it briefly before he was out of the room. He took Phyllon to his room, tucked her lovingly into his pillowcase and took a stroll around the building. Before the next session, he knew the purposes of half the rooms and had found several excellent hiding places should any boredom he felt cause his name to be placed on the Academy 'Wanted' list.

For now, though, the situation was fine. Fine as Phyllon's blade catching light and glittering like silver.

The End

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