Kana: Training

My specialty was without a doubt, not combat. Each time I woke up from unconsciousness, I was a little more skilled in deflecting and backtracking. The fuzziness took a little less time to clear and I started seeing where and when the best times for striking were. However, I still fell unconscious at least twice more than the others.

"Alright, take a break," Lorna called.

My opponent proffered his hand as a sign of good sportsmanship and I thanked him. Although sore, my first lesson was invaluable and would most likely keep me alive for the armed combat lessons.

A hiss slivered through the air and I whipped around, Henry, Jay and their respective opponents had not yet finished sparring.

Jay was holding up well, he was quick to react and gave and gained ground equally. The fight was civil but tense, measured as though the fight was already fought in their heads before it embodied them. His opponent sidestepped an attack and elbowed him, finishing him off with another strike.

On the other hand, the opponent Lorna had paired Henry up with dominated over him. Henry's opponent would strike expertly, one after the other in a flurry of well calculated blows. Henry dodged some, parried others but took the brunt of the attacks. Henry's cheek was bruised but he grinned ferally, as though he was exalting in the taste of his own blood. Henry attacked voraciously at his opponents vitals, even when it would cost him more. 

Even when Henry was on the floor, he was smiling in a violent bliss.

"Crazy, huh?" Jay narrowed his eyes at Henry twitching figure.

I nodded. "Without a doubt."

A chill folded through the expansive area as Henry's eyes flickered open.

The End

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