Lorna: First Lessons

I noted with wry amusement we'd had another addition to classes overnight. He seemed cold, with green eyes that had lost all the warmth of humanity. I noticed the way his hands lingered by the dagger at his belt. Something about him reminded me of the Arctic. Cold, unforgiving and completely lethal. He already had the aura of an assassin. 

"Okay, you lot, so you've survived night one. Now the real training starts. As you will already have found out, this is a total training. There is no down-time, there are no breaks. You have to learn to be on your guard 24/7 and make it second nature." 

I flashed them a smile. "Time to see what you've got now." Assassins appeared from various entrances. "No weapons, non-lethal force. Aim for unconciousness." I noticed that as soon as the assassins had appeared, the newest member's eyes had narrowed. I flashed a cheeky grin at their wide-eyed expressions. "Go."

All of the assassins moved together, silently. We didn't hold back, pushing them hard. I made immediately for the new guy, kicking the weapon from his hand before he could use it. 

"Unarmed combat." I reminded him, landing a strike to the ribs, sending him back, grunting. "Show me what you can do." 

This was the best part for the assassins. Since our job required to be in and out quickly, minimal fuss and minimal mess, we rarely got a chance to stretch out like this unless we were sparring between ourselves. 

"Name?" I asked as I blocked another strike.

"Henry." His voice was as cold as his eyes. His movements were fast and he aimed for vital points. He knew what he was doing. 

Shaking my head, I dodged a strike and knocked him cold. Jared was watching over the training hall from a balcony. I caught his eye, his worried frown mirroring mine. I'd never had to knock out a student because I'd felt threatened.

The other two had gone down also. It was only a few seconds before they were coming round, but it was enough. I held out a hand to Kana, helping her up as I spoke. 

"Well, I have to say, this seems to be an impressive cohort. I'm going to set you up with one of the assassins and the rest of us are going to watch and critique."

I set Henry up with one of the toughest assassins, giving them a warning glance and keeping hold of the wickedly sharp dagger Henry had brought with him. 

Now lets see what you've really got. 

The End

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