Jay: Danger

I sat on my bed, fidgeting, for a fair amount of time after Kana left, then I grabbed my Pajamas-worn flannel plaid in dark greys and blacks and another, slightly larger, black T-shirt. Not only was it comfortable, but it also was great camouflage in the dark. Fishing my slippers out from under my bed, I looked at the clock. It'd been ten minutes. I had no idea what could take a girl so long, but, deciding she had the right idea of things, I set off for the bathroom myself, taking my PJs, a towel, my toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap, deciding that a shower would be a good idea.

Walking out of the room I ran into someone. "Sorry-sorry!" I stuttered, thinking it was Kana, but quickly focusing and finding out that it was not. I dropped my stuff, sinking into a crouch. "Watch where you're going!" I said accusingly. The boy just smiled at me. It sent shivers down my spine. Though he seemed about the same age as me and Kana, this guy was not an innocent. This guy had killed people. His smile was the kind of smile that told you this guy could and prolly had, killed his own mother. Taking a deep breath, I straightened. "Sorry, you must be another student here, that makes three that I've met. Welcome to the Academy." I stuck my hand out for him to shake it, trying to appear relaxed. All my muscles were tensed. "I'm Jay."

"Henry." The boy said. His tone seemed satisfied, as if he'd just . I noticed that no one gave last names here, not even me. Maybe it was just something about this place. I assumed L, the leader, would know everything abut us, but as far as I was concerned, I thought it might be good to keep it that way. I thought for a second about asking him what he was in for, like I did with Kana, but decided against it.

"Whats your specialty?" I asked instead.

The End

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