Kana: Henry

"I'll be back in an hour," I told Jay, giving myself ample time in the bathroom. Enrolling in an Academy for professional killers did not mean I was forsaking my femininity.

I tip toed my way down the dimly lit, oak halls, beautifully taken care of by some unseen people. There was a single, muted click that echoed around the corner, like the noise of the safety in a gun being flicked off or when a butterfly knife is snapped open. I froze.

I gripped my toothbrush in my right hand, wondering how effective it was without being sharpened. Prisoners used it as a weapon all the time. I wanted my collection with me, I hated not being prepared.

I pressed myself against the dark walls, seeking refuge in the shadows. I hoped that it would be Lorna and the other instructor who strolled past and they would laugh at my reaction.

Instead a young man, possibly the same age as me, stole around the corner. His collar was high and his head of black hair was angled to the ground, I could hardly make out his face at all. The shadows masked his features although I felt as though he were smiling. Oddly.

"Good Evening," when he spoke a detached amusement clung to his words. I felt caged.

I suppressed a shiver as my instinct told me there was something very sinister about this man. I tried to smile it off, killing on campus was strictly prohibited, I should be safe. I twirled my toothbrush, hoping that he would not get the wrong impression.

"Hi there, are you new too? There are already some of us here, did you have a safe trip?" I burbled out, glad that my nervous reaction was to smile and chat. I said nothing about Jay, as a favour to him. There was no need to interrupt his peace of mind.

"Yes. Thank-you." He lifted his head only slightly and his green eyes paralysed me with fear.

"I- I won't bother you then, I'm off to freshen up and go to sleep. See you tomorrow." I half chirped and half stammered, eager to leave this area, and my new chilling acquaintance.

"Yes, I will see you tomorrow. Your name?" 

"Oh," A nervous giggle escaped me, it sounded fake but I gave it no notice. "Kana. And you, before I go?"

"Henry." His eyes changed shape, as though he was smiling but I was unable to tell. I got the impression that offering his name gave him great pleasure.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then," I squeaked and smiled. 

I scurried off down the hall, keeping an ear out for any noise. I wanted fair warning if we came face to face again.

I never looked back. Not once.




The End

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