Lorna: Night One

I couldn't help laughing at the recruits' stunned face. Behind me, Jared's chuckle told me that he was also amused. Year after year, the joke never got old.

"I have to say, you two are impressive. Surveillance shouldn't be a problem for you." Jared's voice was close to my ear and I surpressed a shiver. He had an innately masculine voice that was incredibly attractive.

"I think it might just be a record." I smiled as they both looked pleased with themselves.

"Okay, now we're going to leave you in peace." Jared had one hand on my shoulder "I'm Jared by the way, another instructor like Lorna. Just give us a shout or call if you need anything." With a nod, he indicated an intercom in the corner, labelled 'EMERGANCY ONLY'.

With another grin, I let Jared steer me out. We spent a long time discussing the recruits, genuinely impressed with the speed of their discovery.

"They're going to be interesting to teach anyways."

I couldn't help but feel that the pair might be teaching us as much as we taught them in the coming weeks.

The End

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