Kana: The First Night.

I froze.

"What're you in here for?" he asked.

"What a question," I mused. It wasn't a question I wanted to answer.

"I didn't do anything," I managed to assert first. "Although I may have had a part in its er, eventual unalterable outcome."

His pure black eyes, although not pointed directly at me, seemed to push relentlessly for answers. "So what happened?"

"Did you know that the noose is the best means of suicide?" I blurted out. 

He raised an eyebrow which disappeared into short and shaggy brown hair. "I got kicked out of my old school for fighting." He sat on his bed and gestured for me to do the same. I sat on my bed tentatively and pulled my bag onto my lap.

Our beds were next to each other, facing the same way with a wide aisle in between. Two sets of drawers separated the beds, one was his and the other mine. The wide aisle between our beds led directly to a large oak door, elaborately polished showing the bold oak's age. On the far side of each bed, was a table, an oak table with an inbuilt shelf, already stocked with books.  

I hid a grin, I finally had a piece of information I could distract him with. "Oh really? So you're good at combat?"

"Like you're good at suicide?" He chuckled. He leaned back against his bed and sighed, looking quite relaxed.

The room in question was decorated plainly, the view however would have been nicer if we were facing the entrance of the Academy. The native wilderness of lakes and evergreen forests would have been lovely to lose my thoughts in after a hard day's work. As such, we were the newbies so we had a view of some tall, rather scraggly trees growing too close to the stronghold.

"I'm uh, oh right, nope, still alive," I laughed. I lowered my voice conspiratorially,"To be honest, I'm here because I'm half ninja."

Well, I really didn't want to scare him. I mean, he was going to have live with me. And I don't really blame myself for his death, no not Jay's, the um... other one. He was the one who decided to take the pills, it wasn't my fault that he put his suicide pills with my cyanide ones. I told him not to go near my cabinet.

It haunted me, the thought that he hadn't taken a big enough dose of his suicide pills to equate to death. Although, he had taken an abnormally large dose. I had brought both my collection and his suicide pills with me. I should remind Jay not to go near them. 

"Half ninja? Actually, I'm half viking," he grinned. He looked so friendly when he smiled. He had a strong jaw and his eyes were clear but he was smilingly warmly. It was as though he was thinking about two things at the same time. One was making him smile, the other was keeping his mind sharp.

"Do you hear that?" Jay asked, his features turned cautious.

I became aware of a barely audible chittering noise, somewhat similar to feedback.  I crept out of my position and made my way towards the source. A quick glance at Jay told me he was doing the same. Huh, there must be more than one source of the noise.

I frowned as I reached the table, straining to hear it. One of the books sitting on the inbuilt shelf was oddly spreadeagled, as though there was something jamming it open. My jaw dropped as I fished it out, it was a black listening device, as flat as a button and as long as my thumb.

"Jay," I hissed and held up the listening device, gesticulating wildly at the books.

He nodded, his device already in his hand. He crushed it in his palm.  

I pulled out the offending book, laid the device upon the table and smacked it to pieces.

The door flew open.

"Well done, you've passed your first ever test," Lorna smiled coyly.

The End

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