Jay: Kana

I was unpacking, putting what little stuff I had into the dresser near my bed. Black T-shirt, Black T-shirt, Black T-shirt, gosh, I had a lot of those, and jeans, blue jeans and one pair o' black for special occasions. Then underwear, which I stuffed into a drawer hurriedly before anyone could come in. I shoved my bag under my bed and spun around at the sound of a floorboard creaking near the door. I found myself face to face with a girl.

"What're you doing here?" I blurted, then I focused on her face, gosh, she was kinda pretty, with her shoulder length brown hair and, what was that, purple eyes? I blinked and looked down after realizing I'd been staring into them for several seconds.

"Sorry, uh, I'm Jay." I stuck my hand out in front of me and stepped forward.

"I'm Kana." She replied, she shook it, her grip was firm, but I thought there was some hesitation before she took it. "Looks like we're going to be room-mates."

Room with a girl?? Are you kidding? Well, I wasnt that kind of guy, and chances are I'd beat Kana before anything of that sort took place, but hey, if she was here, she must have some skills, or have gotten into trouble, or both. I didnt know. 

"What are you in for?" I asked jokingly, but I avoided her face so I wouldnt get distracted and miss her answer. She was wearing an outfit similar to Lorna's, I noticed, except very short shorts, I shrugged inwardly and decided they looked good on her.

The End

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