Lorna: Another One

I watched the latest arrival as she ducked past me, pleased I had at least two students with an interest in what I did. I sighed, moving off to my own area. 

The room was basic but the window was wide enough to sit in and offered stunning views across mountains, forests and brilliant blue lakes. It was peaceful, especially considering the frequently brutal nature of the work I did. I sighed as a familiar envelope was on the desk. Orders. 

Scanning the paper, it was nothing more than a series of guidelines for what I was meant to teach the new recruits. I rolled my eyes. 

"I have done this before y'know." I said to myself, crumpling the parchment. I pulled my hair loose from its ties, letting it spill over my shoulders and down my back. I sighed in relief, feeling tension spill away with it. There was a soft knock at my door and another of the assassins stepped in. 

Handsome, with classical good looks, dark, messy hair and bright green eyes, Jared and I had entered the Academy together. We had been top of our classes. He taught armed combat so we rarely taught together. I knew as well as he did that rumors were flying about the nature of our relationship. We, of course, gave nothing away. 

"Hey," he smiled "How are the newbies doing?" 

"Looking alright at the moment, I've got two in my classes and you've got a new one too." 

He nodded. "Yeah I got a message about him. Apparently a bit of a temper."

"No, just alert. Don't sneak up on him." 

He laughed "Dangerous thing to do here anyways." 

We passed a long time together, talking about the new recruits and generally relaxing. Since most of the higher-levelled assassins were usually away on work, we had a lot of time to ourselves. 

"I'm going for a wander, coming?" I stood and went to the door without waiting for a response. 

The End

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