Kana: Lorna

I bumped into the instructor on her way out. She looked well, cool, like the business equivalent of an assassin. She was wearing the proper gear, black vest, black pants, black boots but she had this sprawling intricate design of roses and vines adorning her shoulder. Individuality, I liked it.

I swallowed a gulp as I looked down at my own gear. I had taken to wearing it early, but the black just wasn't doing it for me. I had hacked off the bottom of my pants, they were assassin short shorts now. It seemed a good idea at the time. 

The instructor raised an eyebrow at me, but said nothing, although her pointed look at my outfit said it all. I hoped she was thinking 'interesting' rather than 'trouble.'

"Evening," she said. I admired her, she was so effortlessly cool.

"Hello,"  I answered automatically. "How do you do?" Ooh, a bit stiff today Kana, what happened to my social skills? I was good at this stuff.

"I'm Kana," I introduced myself. "A new recruit."

"Lorna, I teach hand-to hand combat and poisons. We'll be seeing quite a bit of each other Kana," she smiled easily. Wow, I liked her oral hygiene, hrm, that was one of my many... shortcomings. Short attention span that is, not oral hygiene.

But ooh la, poisons, I'd been wanting to learn a bit more about that art form.

"Aha, poisons, I've been itching to know about those. But um, ah, which way to the um... dorms?"

"That way, I just came from there. In fact one of the other recruits is there already. Go ahead and introduce yourself to him." Lorna's eyes danced with mischief. HIM? Him! Dorming with a guy. Interesting.

The last time I slept in the same building as a boy he killed himself. Well, assisted suicide but never mind. Just slightly traumatic.

I tried to not let my panic show. "Ah, he is? Then, I'll just make my way."

The End

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