The Ascendants, an arcane culture that ascended to the sky, now walk the ground again. Willing to align themselves with any that will accept their allegiance, honorless Ascendants have become a large and near unstoppable mercenary force. However, hope may yet rest in those that have not forsaken their honor...

Te Desert

"Lu, how are you holding up?"

"Fine. Te Oasis is just over the horizon," answered a heavily draped girl back into her Comm Link.

She stopped for a moment, as if to survey her surroundings, then pulled back her hood to reveal long, maroon hair and a heavily tattooed pale face.

On her back was strapped an intricately-forged claymore, with black markings similar to her facial tattoos.

"Good. Tell Sam I gave you permission to beat him senseless if he gave you trouble."

'Lu' nodded, as if the person over the Comm Link was standing in front of her. "Will do."


"He's not eccentric, is he?"

"By 'eccentric', you mean..."


Te Oasis Cantina

"Alright, alright...I know we got off on the wrong foot and all that nonsense..." spoke a shaggy, brown-haired boy with lamb chop sideburns. "But...seriously, I'm one guy...with a rifle...against what..."

He began to count his assailants. One...two...three...four...five...six--six armed gunmen.

"Six guys? Not exactly a fair fight. And, c'mon. I mean...Larry, here..." he pointed to a random passed out drunkard. "His name's Larry, right? Well, doesn't matter. Point is, he's probably a little sore that we're fighting directly over his nappin' spot--aren't ya, Larry?"

'Larry' simply drooled a bit.

"See? That's evidently the sign of a pissed off...comatose...whatchamacalit...napper. Case closed. Can't have this scuffle."

"Gus, anything this idjit sayin' make sense to you?" one of the thugs asked.

"I think he's got a point. I've never seen someone so passed out."

Another thug promptly backhanded Gus upside the head.

"I tell you what, boy. We'll give you to the count of three to make peace before we blow your little brains out."

The boy smirked. "That's plenty of time."

The End

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