Around The Trees

Awakening with the summer leaves and the summer breeze rushing through your skin, you walk towards what seem as a tree house. You can see a ladder leading up to the tree house, you climb it slowly as you hear each step creaking.  As you climb the ladder you notice the tree getting taller and the tree house seems far away. You climb and climb until you get to the tree house, the birds all around you sing for you,  the wind clothes you in its fresh array and you see carvings of beings playing around the bark.

You finally get to the tree house and its full of wooden toys.  You walk towards the window and you see the outside, a forest, you see trees as far as the eye can see. You watch at the birds flying around, you hear the animals calling out to each other and the sun coming up. Its a new day.

You notice the tree shrinking down to its original size. You hear the walls, the branches, the trunk of the tree  you hear it all creak as it shrinks. Climbing down the ladder you find these brown worn out shoes and you try them on, they fit in comfortably. You look into the distance and the sun shining through the branches. The wind blows into the direction you face and you hear whispers saying, "Come with me" and you run towards that same direction, as you run along the trees you see them bustle all around as the wind blows. You notice you are running faster and faster, running straight through the forest like a locomotive, as you run past everything you see visions of seagulls and fishes. 


The End

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