Armageddontown: A brief overview

I think, an interesting concept: a powerless superhero, in a city full of super freaks.

I am a lover of both writing and drawing, and what better way to combine the two than to start writing a graphic novel? However, seeing as how I don't have a whole lot of experience with graphic novels I wanted to know exactly how original the concept was and if I would be inadvertently copying ideas from other literary works. I guess I'm not the most well-rounded reader... I'd say its an interesting story and the characters are by far the best part- I've been working on this particular family of superhumans for a long time. They have taken part in a various number of screenplays and stories I've written and I have a very deep emotional connection to them. Anyway, let me know what you think!


After the nuclear detonation of New York City as well as many others of the world’s greatest metropolitan entities, America has finally won WWIII and ended a decade-long struggle between nations. Now the people work to rebuild what was lost, starting with the reconstruction of the Big Apple. However, none could have prepared for the horrors that would follow these events, as mass amounts of nuclear radiation began seeping into the surrounding areas, killing off a large amount of the global population. Many who survived the sickness have been… changed.

With the emergence of a new breed of meta-human- those who have overcome the radiation poisoning- the UN has declared a global state of emergency. These “sub-human travesties” have been rounded up and thrown into a newly-erected metropolis known as “Ultraviolet City." Surrounded by an indestructible dome known as the Virulent-Entity Inhibitor Lobe- or,“The VEIL”- the residents of Ultraviolet City are subjected to the establishment of their own government, having been formally rejected by the rest of the world.

Six months after the construction of Ultraviolet City, a shaky peace has begun amidst the terrified populace with the comprisal of “The Imperative,” a sort of Parliament made of mafia-lord super humans who horde the monthly government supplies of food, water, and medicine while pretending to dole it out fairly to the survivors. Meanwhile, other gangs have begun to form amidst the suspended chaos, threatening to overthrow the city’s already tenuous stability.

The subway tunnels have been destroyed, and the vast sewer systems  have become a prison for those who have broken the Imperative's laws. This leaves the only way in or out of the city being through the maze of sewer tunnels. However, those who are exposed to a high amount of the contaminated water running through the tunnels are mutated further, and horror stories of cannibalistic mutant-monsters has everyone on the surface terrified.

Amidst the chaos, a lone ex-marine under the codename: AWOL, who has managed to survive the war without being changed by the sickness, sneaks into the city on one of the caravans carrying food and medical supplies in an attempt to hunt down a certain sick and twisted individual being held captive within the confines of UVC. This individual holds the potential cure for the disease in his very DNA, as well as the living proof that the government may have had an even bigger part to play in the events that led up to the construction of UVC than people could have even imagined.

Trying to make a decent life for themselves is the Palmer/Kyle family, headed by the spunky, spiritual, and tree-hugging (were actually there any trees for her to hug) widow and mother of three Maryanne Palmer who is still getting used to her newly-acquired pyrokinetic abilities. Her main objective is keeping her family safe, while caring for her sickly son and her nephew Wesley, whose father has been exiled to the sewers.

Her daughter Cady is an introverted telekinetic trying to support their family by earning extra food stamps, begrudgingly working as a maid in the house of the city's Prime Mayor Miles Ender- a power-hungry and corrupt official whose level of destructive capabilities is uncharted, as she unfortunately finds out for herself. 

Maryanne's oldest daughter Alise Kyle has the ability to generate high volts of electricity from her skin, and is secretly working with one of the insurgent-gangs trying to overthrow Ender and the other members of The Imperative by intercepting the supply caravans before they reach Parliament so that the rations can be fairly distributed to the residents of UVC. 

Maryanne's middle child and only son Bryon is fading quickly from a high exposure to the sickness and frequently falls in and out of a comatose state in which he receives prophetic visions which are centered mainly around the man that AWOL is hunting. He also possesses empathic abilities that, when kept unchecked, are inadvertently channeled into immense explosions of telekinetic energy (a unique psychic power known as empathic-tele-combustion.)

This is the main cast of characters. I realize that there are a lot of pitfalls that probably need some working on but I would love to hear people's input into how this can be made into a better story!

“The sun doesn’t set here. It just... slowly fades into the ceiling.”

(There's  a giant cluster of fluorescent lights atop the dome that emulate the rays of the sun [hence the ultraviolet part of UVC]. The dome's composition also allows for oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through unhindered. However, certain forms of pollution cannot be expelled, and accumulate on top of the dome in the form of acid rain clouds. About once a month the rains come, and anyone who is caught outside... well... its not fun. Maryanne, being the sweet lady she is, gets herself into some trouble when a mysterious stranger gets left out to die and she lets him into her home.)

The End

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