Argument Love In Vain

Summary in the beginning of the work.

Description: A husband and wife argue over past events, before this argument the husband let slip he cheated and his wife went insane and burned the ‘wench’ that took her love. With sanity now exhumed this argument takes place. 

Key: (F) Female                      (M) Male         (N) Narrator 


(N) A shriek    (F) Burn in hell my dear, my love!

(M)      Can we not work this out?

Pray calm my dove, my turtle dove! 

(F)       No more talking now it’s done!

She’s gone my love!

Did you have your fun?


(M)      My dear how horrid to ask!

That frown,

Your smile is but a mask!

 (F)       It hides my pain

(M)      But now you’re lost…

(F)       No! Not in vain!!


(M)      She will not bother you any longer…

(F)       No pray now!

Now I grow much stronger!!

 (M)      Where does the body lay?

(F)       Oh in the forest,

Anything more to say? 

 (M)     No my Dear

You are frightening

(M)      For her you shed but a tear…

(F)       Scorned as love doth kill, my pet

(M)      But why…?

Why one you just met? 


(F)       She took love from me

A fool’s quest

Now dire and lonely

(M)      So kill her, you may?!

(F) Oh yes my love

On this very day…


 (M) Oh the pity, but who now?

Why that smile?

My love where for art thou?

(F) Silence is all I ask…

Silence my love

Now say goodbye to your own mask.


 (N) A lesson to thee…

For all you children,

Stupidity is but the ultimate fee

And so, with this now past

I pray you quiet…

Now quiet at last…

The End

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