Ball of Death, Zero's Rage Blaster!Mature

Bad. Bad. This was bad. The green chick - the Jade Witch - was powerful! How could Zero continue to belittle her.... He would need to be lethal. Well, mostly lethal. 'Maybe this witch wants a High-End Technique of Monstroth?' Zero thought maliciously, ignoring the oncoming cloud of green mist.

"So, a green girl thinks she can take me on!?" Zero yelled at the top of his lungs, "BRING IT ON!" With that, Zero started shooting massive amounts of Air Mystic from ever point on his body, forcing back the green mist and shoving the oncoming piece of rock out of the way. Then, he concentrated on the air, which now raised him off the ground. Zero increased the air in certain areas all over his body to the point of cutting. 

On the ground, rock and dirt was ripped to shreds by the continuously released Air. It was hard to keep this up, but Zero had practiced enough to do it steadily for at least ten minutes. Might as well not waste the time. After all, he was the awesome Zero!

"Ball of Death, Zero's Rage blaster!" Zero shouted, slightly increasing output on the air coming from his back. The skin cried with pain, but he could take it. He was Zero, the best Air Mystic in the world! He was Sovereign!

He started moving toward his target, slowly at first, then faster than he could in his normal speed. Rocks from the ground, as well as dirt and anything else that may lay on the Arena floor, ripped to shreads from the insane amount of Air being rushed out of his body. If it wasn't for Zero being Sovereign... Well, he would be a bloody carcass at this point. 

"Can you take this awesomeness?!" He yelled as he reached his enemy.

The End

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