From the Earth to the Skies, No One Touches the Invincible Zero!Mature

Zero saw the walls of earth surrounding him. The sound was that of a Mineral Mystics power, but the form was all wrong. How did this woman move AND shape the rocks? 

Zero blasted Air from his feet, destroying his feet and making his way from his almost-tomb of rock. What in the name of the Scarred Father was this woman using? And how had she seen his movements? Zero landed a long ways away, removing the leather armor from his back. It had been torn to shreds while escaping. 

"You are an odd one, miss," Zero called to her, sitting on the ground. One by one, he removed his armor and clothing, until he only wore a pair of shorts. They were made from a special fabric that allowed air to pass through them effortlessly. Made for great undergarmets really, but Zero had other reasons for wearing them. 

He gripped the claws in his hand. He had a theory, but it would take testing. Releasing massive amounts of Air Mystic from his feet, Zero felt himself begin to rise. It was slow at first, as he had to gain the Mystic up in his feet. After he started moving, it would be easier.

Time to test! Zero shot toward his opponent, tapping the ground as he went. Wherever he touched, rock moved to attack him. 'As I thought,' Zero thought, rising to avoid touching the ground further. "From the Earth to the Sky," he yelled, "No one touches the Invincible Zero!"

Zero rushed around the woman once again, this time avoiding touching the ground. Where to strike, where to strike...? How about-

Zero swung his fist, claw going for the woman's neck.

The End

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