The air mystic was a blur, a shimmer of compressed air at the back of his limbs as his feet tore into the ground and then gone, but to the perception of a Jade Witch he was nothing more than an intruder.

Zero's footsteps--however rapid--drowned out the natural cadence sung deep from plate tectonic movements, distant earthquakes, oceans that roared farther yet, and echoed through layers of rock to the very surface he trespassed upon.

So, when the mystic broke from his feat of physical speed to sink a gleaming claw into her back, Kyoshi heard the earthsong once more and cast her free hand straight down, each finger angled out like the talons of an eagle in mid-strike.

Even before her fingers made landfall, the planet cracked in a circle beneath the young Avatar's grip. At first four earthen slabs erupted forth--each immense at formidable weight, bathed in crumbling sandstone that shrugged off showers of dirt and dust, interposed to defend her back, both sides and front.

When Kyoshi's fingers made landfall, a sandstone ring burst straight up from the ground the Mystic's display of speed had so foolishly marked, and as she farther tightened her grip upon the planet, the outer ring drew tighter--compressed to dense conglomerate, certain to squash her opponent against the personal barrier she had erected.

The End

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