Blinding Flash of AwesomenessMature

Zero sputtered, barely holding in a laugh. 

He was fighting a girl!? What was she going to do, ask him to surrender, then send him off to do chores? It was hilarious in the least. The armor and sword had given him pause at first - some men looked feminine -  but when she spoke, Zero knew what her gender was. How disappointing. Maybe she would be the oddity that actually survived his first attack?

"Hey!" Zero called, "You mind surrendering? I don't like beating up girls. Bad for my reputation you know?" The woman's eyes narrowed. The hard way, eh? So be it.

Zero took on a smile. Now... how to end this. Maybe he would-

Zero shot at intense speeds toward his opponent, propelled by the powerful winds shooting from his backside. She was directly in front of him in a split second. Zero shut off the Air Mystic, then instantly reused it to propel him to the side. He then shifted to the woman's back, then to her left-hand side, then her right. To her, he must be a blinding flash. Yes, that's what Zero was; a blinding flash of awesomeness.

'Time to end this,' Zero thought, choosing a position at random and striking at the enemy. His claws flashed blindingly, forced faster and faster by the Air mystics he wielded. How boring this battle had been.

The End

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