"Zero" Archibal ZalazorMature

The Arena of Elements, a place build to be a sparring ground for users of Magic, Mystics, and any other sorceries. Coming from all the corners of the universe to challenge the reigning champions. Zero Zalazor, Monstroth Frae, and Rhazin Dower are the current champions. Will any others make their way into the champion's corner?

Zero walked out onto the arena, his eyes squinting as the bright sun shone on like a beacon for existence itself. With such a bright spotlight, Zero had no choice but to put on a show. It would be fun, in the least!

A claw gleamed on each of his fists, ready to be used at a moments notice. Leather armor covered his body, making him defended, yet light on his feet. Wind blew away from him, causing his silver hair to blow upward and his lips to curl in a smile. Being the Sovereign of Air, the most powerful Mounseiken with the gift of Air Mystics, it would never stop blowing until the day another Sovereign came to be or Zero died. Morbid thought, that.

"So... who oh who is my prey today?" Zero muttered. Around him, sand covered the floor of the arena, with rocks placed at regular intervals and two ponds on either side of the grounds. This would make it easier for those who could only use Mineral or-

The opposite side of the Arena held doors that now opened to a newcomer. It was a small man, sadly, with only a sword and shield. Zero decided he would finish this quickly.

Before the man had reached the center of the Arena to face him, Zero charged his enemy, augmenting the blasting winds on his back to power his speed up greatly. Within a few seconds, the man was there. Face to face with Zero. Too easy. 

In one fell motion, Zero sliced the mans arm and stomach open, causing him to drop his blade and fall. He clutched his stomach and lay groveling in pain. Such a baby. If a grown man couldn't take more pain than that, he was useless. Then again, it was Zero Zalazor he was facing. 

"Hey!" Zero called to the nearest Mounseiken in the Arena stands, "Tell them to send a Healer and then the next one. I'm bored!"

The End

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