are you going to age with grace?

"Love will be the one to tear us apart."
// A love-riddled letter about goodbyes and unaligned stars. (Title and inspiration from 'Oblivion' by Bastille.

To my star in the night;

There are some people who are so different, so unlike one another, so completely incompatible, that they fall together. Just like magnets, or so it goes. They skid past one another and suddenly lock, just like jigsaw puzzles and just like the sky kissing the land.

But then there's us.

We are an ocean of sadness and fear. I think we both know that. It's just who we are. And despite what we've always said, love is not enough. Love will never be enough.

Love will be the one to tear us apart.

I don't think I need to say it, but I love you. I love you to pieces; like my soul disintegrating, and like my walls burning to papery-thin ash. These words leave me and haunt you whenever they leave my sorrowful lips, but they are undeniably true.

I fell so miserably, so perfectly in love with you. It just so happens that you fell in love with me too, but.

Life isn't meant to be perfect. As much as our fairytale romance is, we can't go on like this. We aren't the sky and the land, who compliment eachother. We're like fire and water. We can't live with each other. Sooner or later, either I will evaporate or you will go out. And the longer we extend this, the more painful it gets.

Sooner is better.

These tears which escape from my eyes are dampening this letter, but they will be nothing but water vapor and wavering paper by the time it reaches you. I don't want you think that I want to end this, but I see the path we are riding on. We are riding up into the sky, and these clouds don't hinder us like they do everyone else. But when we reach the galaxy and we find our stars, we will realize that they do not align. Our stars are not meant to be. Please understand that.

I remember one night when I woke up with you smiling at me, and the clouds blanketed the sky just like our love blanketed me. I remember whispering to you, is this too perfect to be real?

Now, I know the answer.

I've left the key behind the loose brick on the left wall. You know the one. I'll find time to pick up my bits and pieces (of my clothes, of my heart) from your house soon, just like how I always found time to love you.

In this mess of a life and this horror of a universe, you were a blessing for me. But blessings are meant to be appreciated, and this blessing is too big for us to appreciate as much as it should be.

I hope that when you go to sleep tonight, you will breathe in your sheets, look up in the sky, and see that I was not lying; our stars do not align. That we are not aligned, but we are in sync, and your every breath times mine just as mine time yours. I hope you find a love not bigger than ours, but better than ours.

One day, my children are going to awaken and find the picture of us which I will keep on me, always. They will ask who you are. I will smile at you, look at them, and say,

"He is a star in the night."

Your flying companion.

The End

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