Metal and RivetsMature


Skyless and infinite

Pools dropping to the center of the earth

In darkness, caverns stretch the mind

Badder than Carlsbad

Drilled by ruthless machines

‘Til creatures of the earth



Run forward and see

‘Til pink fleshy humans

Crawl forward and search

‘Til skin and iris turns

Black to white

In the ridges

Light envisioned yet never seen

And holes of the earth are lined

With its own metallic blood

Veined and cracked



To protect from radiant rays


Only a footstep away

Already living in the pale eyes

Of the future

Underground box

Where creatures of white slime

Were once human

Many years ago

Evolution turned brother to fish

Sister to newt

And we all cry of joy

For blissful ignorance of the world above

This is Dranegog

This is future

The End

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