The Coffee MugMature

Emily loved the smell of coffee. She also loved the smell of skunk, but of course, that was only because it smelled like coffee from a distance. It's acerbic and sometimes sweet fragrance filled Emily with content. Sure, the drink is nice, but the smell of it won't burn your tongue when you least expect it. 

Emily stared at her coffee mug as its content was beginning to get cold. This afternoon she had disturbing thoughts on her mind that she assumed only coffee could fix. Unfortunately, the hot drink didn't even begin to touch the mess of threads Emily hoped it would untangle. The solitary question still lingered on the rounded edge of the mug's handle. What did that strange woman mean by smashing her favorite mug?

The episode was still fresh in Emily's memory. Earlier that morning, Emily went to her favorite coffee shop to fill her mug. On her way out, she noticed an old woman in rags, taking a left onto Pillage Street. Her hair was unkempt and she seemed to be wearing an old quilt around her shoulders. As the old woman stumbled along, a piece of paper fell from her tattered rags. Emily noticed, and did the benevolent thing to do. She chased after the poor old lady to return her piece of paper. 

However when Emily caught the old woman, she immediately regretted it. Turning to face her was a wrinkly old pool of skin, puckered into a sour expression. Her left eye was glazed over and her right seemed to search Emily's soul. Emily quickly apologized and offered the piece of paper, which the old woman snatched up quickly. Emily was still shocked from the old lady's aggressive behavior, when the woman suddenly swiped her outstretched hand as if to slap her.

Emily screamed as her mug was smacked out of her grip and fell to the cold concrete, ceramic and coffee flying in every direction. The old woman laughed raucously and turned on her heel, continuing on as if nothing happened. Emily only stared at her ruined shoes in disbelief, barely hearing the woman's cackling or admonitory exclamations. The smell of coffee wafted to the young woman's nose as a bitter reminder of what is often returned for kindness.

Emily snapped out of her reverie, suddenly remembering what the old woman had said. Suddenly she was filled with terror.

"Trapped!" the woman had cried as she held up the piece of paper. "These things - coffee and garbage m'dear- trap you forever!"

The End

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