Metal and RivetsMature

"Justice. I'll spit in it. Please, there's no such thing. It's just a lie. A filthy, damn lie. Everyone thinks that life is a story. Maybe it is... in the mind of a two-year old. Life never gets a damn happy ending. " This was often said in the mind of Alfred. How he loathed the world. 

Set it aflame. Burn it to an blistering hell. He didn't care. The sense of Justice was just a hypocritical sense in a picture. Closing his sky-blue eyes behind glasses, he sat steadily on the rooftop. A mask of white, a pink star on it's cheek, sat on the left side of his face. It had been cut in half;  a Trickster's mask.  The smile and the up-turned eye made it so. He had placed it over his face, hiding the death of his expression under a malevolent smile. His blonde hair flew as he took a leap off the building. Landing in a self-made crater, he stood up. Eyes so empty, people would whisper if they had the courage. Black was what he wore, all the way down to his gloves.  

Climbing onto a flower box on the curb, he began to shout. 

"What you see before you is a hollow self with a broken mask. I will tell you all that I have seen. To have a heart-wrenching story, all you have to do is kill off the kind-hearted heroine, right? If she dies... everyone will cry?! That those who care will cry out for justice in her stead and lose hope of living? I shall destroy this hypocrisy, for I have realized that this is just a picture!" 

A crowd started to gather around, hearing a passionate voice. 

"But, for all of us, this is the reality we live in. If you stop loving, you thus do not continue to live! Too I will destroy this sense of Justice. This is the way I shall live." 

A deep breath. 

"These eyes have seen too much of this land. No longer can I hold a sliver of hope. Falling clearly from above are my memories from years past. Now, if you wish to catch the future, abandon these petty illusions now. Is it not enough to be true? For we have nothing to fear! I will destroy your sense of Justice. We will say that we laughed at all the betrayers. We will say we laughed at all the hypocrites! I said nothing shall change! You all said you won't disappear! Now, stand up and look forward together. Now I will destroy someone's sense of Justice, then we shall change the world. WE will be the ones laughing in the end! I will live on, believing that."

A voice shouted from the crowd, "Who is this guy?!"

He smiled darkly, exposing his twisted heart and very soul.

"Who am I, you ask?... I am... Justice Breaker." 

The End

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