The Instruction GuideMature

Here are the prompts I promised. Have fun making your own!


1. Have fun.

2. One page per prompt and no more than 500 words (although there's nothing really stopping you from writing a novel).

3. Once you finish a prompt, add two more. The third title should be identical to the one you just wrote on so that others may continue using the same prompt should they like to do so. 

4. Poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction, doesn't matter. 

5. Please write out of the box or out of your comfort zone.

6. Cliches are absolutely forbidden. 


1. Content may be inappropriate for children under twelve. 

2. Writing can be highly addictive. 

3. Taking your laptop into the bathtub to write is hazardous to your computer. Don't do it.

The End

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