A brilliant opportunity

"In short, we want to cheer your daughter, and to give her the opportunity of sharing such pleasures as we are going to take ourselves" concluded the plump, barrel chested man with white hair and glasses. Taking his wife's hand in his, he glanced steadily and earnestly at his host.

"Well..." began his host. "This is an unexpected honour." He rang the bell and the timid servant girl answered. he asked her to fetch his daughter.

When his daughter arrived, he sat her down and told her of their guest's proposition. She looked awed. Holding out her hand, she shook hands with her benefactor.

"Thank you. I would be delighted. It really is a brilliant opportunity."

The following morning, she packed a small suitcase and accompanied her benefactor and his wife to their house. On entering, she saw a tall, slender, well built man in his mid twenties with light brown hair and hazel eyes. As far as she could discern, the unknown man appeared to have the position of secretary in this new household.

* My opening line is the fifth line on page 52 of Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend.

The End

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